husl-objc 1.0.0

<> Posted on July 10, 2015 in Code

A couple of days ago I released a new Cocoa Pod of the husl-objc library. I though it deserved the 1.0 treatment because it contains two important updates:

First, I've updated it to the latest canonical version of HUSL which is Revision 4 and the husl-objc port passes the snapshot test for that revision.

Last, I've greatly improved the performance by removing almost all the uses of Objective-C collection classes, which means that I could also stop using NSNumbers to store the values. By replacing most of the NSArrays by good old C structs and directly storing all the CGFloats in tuples instead of converting them to NSNumbers the performance is much better than before. I guessed it would be faster but not that much. On a couple of cases though, I think I've gone overboard with the structs and I'll eventually revisit the code to replace them with regular C arrays.

If you're already using husl-objc remember to do a pod install, I think it's worth it.



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