husl-objc has moved to the HUSL GitHub organization

<> Posted on June 10, 2015 in Code

After talking with Alexei we've agreed that the HUSL GitHub organization is the natural home for the Objective-C port of HUSL. Since today the repository for husl-objc is in the following url:

To avoid any redirection when using the Cocoa Pod I've released a new version, 0.0.2, with the new url. In addition, as I was doing a new release anyway, I renamed the implementation files so they were consistent with the name of the project. As of version 0.0.2 the header file to import is husl-objc.h instead of the previous name husl_objc.h.

Since only a couple of days have passed since I released the first version of husl-objc I don't expect anyone getting hit by that, otherwise, I'm sorry for messing the filenames!



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