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    Louis CK on WTF with Marc Maron about becoming a parent →

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    And all this stuff about my own anxiety about my life just went away. 'Cause I didn't give a shit. I instantly knew that I'm gonna get old and die and I wasn't afraid anymore because it's about her now. It's about giving her a chance to be happy and have her own confidence and her own life. That's what it became about.


    It also taught me to be a man, because you have to… you can't fuck around when you have kids. You can't afford to go into a depression. You can't afford to go eat yourself into a stupor and lay on the floor. You can't do it. The kid needs to be taken care of and the kid needs to be supported. I suddenly had a reason to raise… to earn money that was real.

    I can't agree more with the feeling. The whole episode is great, specially the second hour.

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